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Is root canal therapy looming over you and causing you stress?

Break through the fear and anxiety to get the crucial dental treatment you need!

Drs. Firshein and Gutierrez use sedation dentistry to make root canal therapy worry free!

Root canal therapy is a necessary dental procedure that can restore a patient’s smile and dental health. Root canal therapy refers to the treatment that cleanses the inside of a tooth. The inside of each tooth is filled with blood vessels, tissue, and nerves. When this matter becomes infected, a dentist clears away the infected tissue and then cleanses and seals the tooth to prevent further damage and irritation.

Among patients, root canal treatment is one of the most commonly feared dental procedures. However, with modern dentistry root canals are as comfortable as conventional dental fillings. Using sedation dentistry our friendly dental team can help you overcome your fear or anxiety and help you get the necessary root canal therapy you need.  

Why so many Manhattan Beach patients trust Drs. Gutierrez and Firshein for Root Canal Therapy:
We Walk You through Treatment Step By Step

For many patients root canal therapy seems like an intimidating process. That’s why our dental staff will explain the root canal process and how we use sedation dentistry to painlessly treat infected teeth. We will not proceed with treatment if you’re experiencing pain, your feedback dictates how your treatment progresses. Because we’re your partners is dental care, you will be informed and have input in every part of the treatment process.

History of Experience and Success

Our dentists have over 25 years of experience performing comfortable root canal treatment. The entire dental staff at Manhattan Dental Care has training and experience treating infected teeth, and they’ve helped numerous patients regain dental health painlessly. Trust your smile and your health to this experienced team.

Utilizing the Latest Technology

With modern dental technology, root canal therapy doesn’t need to be any more uncomfortable than a conventional filling. We use innovative sedation dentistry to allow patients to relax and receive painless treatment. We also utilize innovative root canal technology that is less painful and less destructive to dental tissue.

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